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Ventnor Walking Tour

Ventnor as a Health Resort (includes Ventnor Botanic Garden)

Gastronomic Extravaganza Gastronomic Extravaganza Gastronomic Extravaganza

The Island’s hilliest spot with its distinctly Mediterranean flair has a history founded almost entirely on health. Tour it with us and all will be revealed, including why Ventnor was not only once known as England’s Madeira but also as its Crimea!  Allow us to introduce you to some former famous shorter or longer-term visitors including Karl Marx, Ivan Turgenev and Mahatma Gandhi.

We can also admire its Botanic Garden (where for 100 years the ‘Royal National Hospital for Diseases of the Chest’ once stood) and discover hidden Steephill Cove (home of the mouth-watering crab pasties)! Take a peep at some fine Pre-Raphaelite stained-glass, created by the greatest masters of the craft. We can contrast this with a visit to some studios where we should find modern artists at work. Back in the world of the great outdoors, a stroll through the lovely Ventnor Park should not be neglected.

Ventnor Walking Tour

Ventnor Walking Tour

You must definitely check out why it is now the Island’s most highly regarded place of culinary and cultural excellence. Ventnor Haven Fisheries for example offer you the chance to savour freshly caught local delights such as crab (or lobster) and chips. The Royal (the Island’s oldest hotel) will be delighted to serve you its heavenly gallybagger (local cheese) soufflé. Or you may prefer its afternoon tea (considered to be the best on the Island).

Or try one of the newer and equally sublime eateries on the local scene. Ventnor goes in for generous side helping of foreign influence – whether culinary or artistic.

Bonchurch Bonchurch Bonchurch

Let’s wander into the quaint neighbouring 12th century village of Bonchurch with its literary connections which include Charles Dickens. Right close to the Bonchurch Landslip, the geology of the village is fascinating, and the place just oozes tranquility. It is as if time here has simply stood still. You will feel this when standing next to Bonchurch Pond, noted for its carp and terrapins, and again inside the Old St. Boniface Church. The village is also home to the legendary Bonchurch Inn - run by an Italian family who serve their authentic local dishes!

There is more than enough to walk and talk you through in Ventnor and this walk can be adapted to fill a 2-hour slot or virtually become a full day tour – you decide!

Ventnor Walking Tour

In view of the town’s somewhat rebellious and multi-faceted past, the challenge set by Ventnor Exchange (artistic hub and bringers of the magnificent cutting-edge Fringe Festival) to ‘Keep Ventnor Weird’ seems apt indeed! 😊

Phlegm’s prominent wall art depicting a sea monster and the Isle of Wight (photographed by Ventnor Exchange) serves as a daily reminder to do just that!