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Yarmouth Walking Tour



Yarmouth Yarmouth Yarmouth

Overflowing with history of French invasions and instructions and other major events, Yarmouth is both the Island’s oldest and its smallest town (second smallest in the whole country). Its quaint old streets, stylish and individualistic shops, cosy tea houses, selection of good restaurants and pubs full of character all serve to make it much-loved by locals and tourists alike.

The Western Yar Estuary, complete with picturesque mill house is on one side and The Solent and its beautiful little harbour on the other.

Its wooden Grade II listed pier commands a magnificent view of the town’s lively shipping activity, including the comings and goings of the Lymington ferry.

Next to the historic 3-star George Hotel with its enticing waterfront terrace nestles little Yarmouth Castle (English Heritage), the last of Henry VIII’s coastal defences. Completed in 1547, it was the first new style ‘arrowhead’ artillery bastion in England.

And with pride of place overlooking The Square, historic St. James’ Church has a quirky tale to tell about a statue with the wrong head!

All this combined with its excellent bus connections including the Southern Vectis open top ‘Needles Breezer’ service really do make Yarmouth the perfect spot to while away a few hours, be that morning, afternoon or evening.

Allow us to guide you round it - filling you in on its history and associated tales and anything you might like to know about the place. 

This particular tour will not take you more than a few hours because of its small size, making it a perfect choice for those wanting a short tour and not wishing to miss out on this little gem of a place. Smaller than many villages – why is it a town? Another question we can answer for you!